Cloud Services as Core Infrastructure

Cloud adoption can provide tremendous opportunities and innovations for your organization as a catalyst for widespread digital transformation

Today’s business success depends on your ability to quickly respond to unexpected business suspension. Cloud services support cost-efficiency and business continuity to accelerate your digital transformation. It supports to expand resources as needed and to quickly respond to the data economy such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, etc.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Cloud adoption presents a golden opportunity to raise operational efficiency, especially when it comes to technologies and costs. Cloud can provide a method to solve technical debt problem and to widen the range of technology choices. If your cloud adoption goal includes improving efficiency and optimizing performance, you can take the advantage for Refactoring and Modernization of existing applications to increase business value.

Scalable Growth Support

Cloud platform is designed to respond to the users’ and customers’ requests, and it can easily scale up and down as you desire. It ensures optimal application performance and efficiency and provides high reliability at any scale. It takes a certain amount of time to scale the system in existing on-premises environment, but Cloud immediately responds and provides the benefits of elastic services.

Increased Business Agility

Enterprises desire to stay in the lead by quickly responding to market changes. What would agility look like? From an IT aspect, you must drift away from the existing culture of consistency, maintain operational integrity at all costs, and continue to put your efforts into it. Many organizations will endeavor to embrace DevOps. It not only empowers the development team to make key decisions, but also allows them to adopt a test and fail-over mindset, supporting rapid product development, launches, and updates.

Improved Services and Innovations

Cloud transformation offers new opportunity to modernize the existing applications and to eliminate technical debt. You can experiment with the new methods to create value from your data and differentiate your enterprise from the competitors as well. You can also have access to instantly applicable toolkits through your cloud service provider. This allows you to experiment and develop new product services at a relatively lower cost, to perform quickly in a relatively lower investment environment, and to receive instant feedback from the market.

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