An essential partner for digital innovation, Cloocus, presents the right path for your efficient cloud journey.

Why Cloocus?

Cloocus is a cloud MSP(Managed Service Provider) group with its strength in cloud technology. We are a certified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, the highest global level of certification from Microsoft, and obtained numbers of Azure Advanced Specializations, validating our capability to deliver best-in-class services in complex Azure-based solution areas. Furthermore, we are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) with deep experience helping global enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.

Cloocus Sdn Bhd has significant commitments to drive the digital transformation forward in Malaysia, especially in the area of Azure cloud services. We are in full support of the government’s efforts to drive growth and develop the digital economy to create an innovative and technology-integrated society with more comprehensive Azure Cloud Services.

Kavinthraj Panneerchelvam / CEO of Cloocus Malaysia

What is an Azure Expert MSP?

The Azure Expert MSP program is designed to select the most competent partners with the highest quality managed end-to-end service delivery capabilities from the start to end of the cloud transformation, including ▲Initial adoption plan and design ▲Implementation ▲Operation ▲Optimization. This represents the highest level of Azure cloud global technology.

Whereas traditional MSPs focus on people and processes, “Azure Expert MSP” puts a greater emphasis on automation and DevOps, designing cloud solutions in the DevOps/SysOps segment. Only companies that can provide professional consulting can obtain this certification. In addition, even after the acquisition, the qualification for the corresponding grade can be maintained only by satisfying the existing status through continuous audit and evaluation by Microsoft.

As the most rigorous and difficult to obtain certification among MS partner technology certification programs, only 82 companies around the world such as Accenture and Rockspace have obtained this certification.


Azure Expert MSP – Global top-tier Azure technology certification
Azure Advanced Specializtions – Global top-tier specialized in a specific workload segment with Azure (Currently in 8 areas, the only one in Korea)

Cloocus Core Services

With you every step for the cloud journey

Plan your Cloud

This is the first step toward your efficient cloud journey. Cloocus provides the following services for cloud strategy configuration and cost optimization based on its systematic framework, Azure CAF.

– Discovery Workshop
– Solution Assessment

Build your Cloud

Use cases and best practices of various industries, we perform stable cloud migration that minimizes risk.

– Cloud Migration
– Cloud Practice Program

Manage your Cloud

We operate with a 3-tier support structure from MSP helpdesk, professional consultants, and Microsoft, and provide professional cloud management, failure response services and cloud cost management tools.

– Cloocus Managed Service
– ClooOps(CMP)

Modernize your Cloud

Our in-house data specialists offer you the most effective data utilization & modernization plan for your business.

– Cloocus Data Analytics Platform Service