Plan Your Cloud

By identifying customer needs through analyzing the current IT system architecture and customer requests, Cloocus provides a step-by-step customized strategy which increases business efficiency and reduces costs.

Discovery Workshop

As a preliminary stage before Solution Assessment, we check your current cloud maturity. We also identify your current operation system to check the assessment progress & scope and to estimate the cloud transformation costs.

Session 1

Microsoft Azure Introduction

Session 2

Introduction of Assessment and PoC procedures

Session 3

  • Identify customer system architecture and system information
  • Check progress and scope of Assessment

Solution Assessment

Our Solution Assessment program diagnoses and suggests safe, cost-efficient cloud adoption plans via detailed data-based analysis on customer’s infrastructure configuration and environment. Cloocus operates a diagnostic portfolio of various areas that meet customer requirements, including infrastructure, applications, database, and security.

Initial Adoption Cost & Optimization

Datacenter & Cloud Examination
Provides examination on 4 supplies required for enterprise’s cloud adoption:
Cloud Maturity, Current Status Identification & Roadmap, Cost Analysis, Security Check Azure Optimization based on AWAF

Specific Task System Examination
Azure Virtual Desktop

App/DB Modernization Option

App/DB Source Code Analysis
Suggests guidance on source code level cloud fit and various options for App/DB modernization:

App to VM/Container/AppService SQL to VM/Azure SQL/SQL MI Oracle to PostgreSQL/SQL

Zero Trust Security

Security Vulnerability Check & Solution
Analyzes security vulnerability due to Shadow IT domain of accounts, devices, apps, data, infrastructure.
Diagnoses security maturity based on CIS Controls and suggests security reinforcement roadmap.