One Simple platform to unify all your data, analytics and AI workloads

Migrate big data workloads to the cloud with Databricks and accelerate your data-driven innovation!

The on-premise data analysis platform has the following limitations:

Limit ①

Complicated and inefficient ways of working Hadoop Limitations

Limit ②
For Business Agility Real-time data processing
Limit ③
Apply machine learning and predictive analysis for innovation

Enterprises need the Modern Data Analytics Architecture.

[ Critical Requirement ]

Cost-effective scaling and performance

Easy to manage and highly reliable for a variety of data

Predict and deliver real-time insights to drive innovation

Complete the Modern Data Analytics Architecture with “Databricks”.

Easy to Manage
Managed cloud platform to reliably handle all types of data
Enhanced productivity
Massive Scale
Flexible, on-demand auto-scale cluster with optimized Apache Spark
Cost savings at scale
Easy to Manage

“Notebook” for integration and collaboration with built-in ML capabilities

New and Faster Insights

All your data, analytics and AI on one platform – Databricks

Simple. Open. Collaborative.

Databricks’s “Lakehouse Platform” is the underlying engine for big data analysis software “Apache Spark” and provides a fast analytics and collaborative environment in the cloud based on a new architecture that combines the benefits of Data lakes and Data warehouses.


Unify your data, analytics, and AI

Simplify data, analytics, and AI (ML) into one common platform

Unify your data ecosystem

Integrate data ecosystems as open sources

Unify your data teams

Provide an integrated collaborative environment for data engineers-data analytics-data scientists

Leading global companies driving innovation through Databricks

Healthcare & Life Science
Manufacture and Automotive
Media & Entertainment
Financial services
Public sectors
Energy & Utility
Digital Natives

We’ve experienced a significant improvement in the speed

at which data is available for analysis

Many jobs that used to take six hours now only take six seconds

Alessio Basso

Chief Architect, HSBC

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